Personalized Oral Hygiene Program

In order to achieve and maintain your highest level of oral health, our hygienists develop a treatment plan that suits your needs. With the assessment of oral conditions, a treatment plan is explained and recommended to each individual. Home care instructions, regular professional cleanings and compliance on your part are essential to reaching your optimal oral health. During your professional dental cleanings, we educate you on many facts, techniques, therapies and tools required to keep your highest level of oral and general health.


75% of the population suffer from gum and/or periodontal disease. Our goal is to ensure you receive the care necessary to achieve optimal oral health. The frequency of your visits will be determined according to your oral condition. The preventative maintenance appointments allow us to determine the stability of your periodontal health and intercept any minor problems before they become major ones. When treated and maintained continually, long lasting and predictable results are expected.

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Important Health Facts:

We believe that quality of life can be achieved in ensuring access to oral health.

Wicked White


Wicked White is a unique tooth whitening system that provides you with a much brighter smile without the sensitivity.

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